Julious- Light Sacrea Guardian

Julious: Light Sacrea Guardian

He is the Sacrea Guardian of Light for the Shinochou Universe, as well as being the Head of the all the Guardians. He became a guardian at age 5, after messengers came when he was 4. His personality is of a person who esteems discipline. He doesn't believe in smiling while working, and he and the Guardian of Darkness Clavis tend to clash (no violence, I might add) over different things. Eventually, he does start smiling at the Etoile, Angelique after the many time she gets in danger and they fear the worst.

Age: 25

Height: 188 cm (6ft 2 in)

Eye Color: Azure Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Birthday: August 16

Nature of Sacrea: the source of motivation.

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